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4.5 – 6 years

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Outpost programs for nurseries, kindergartens & child-care centers

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Parent Accompanied Classes at Partner Location

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Thematic Birthday Parties

Customised birthday parties available

Melodic Kids

Play Dates

Friends come together with their children for a session of musical activities


Holiday Camps

Join us in a musical adventure through music, movements, drama and art&craft

Testimonial Find Out What Our Parents Say..

“Teacher Yim Ching is definitely a great asset to OMS. Though it is no doubt that OMS has very program, teachers play a great part in helping to achieve the objectives set for it. Teacher Yim Ching is one who is able to deliver this. She is very passionate in her teaching and both my girls and I feel great to have her. She is able to reach out to the children through her various teaching approaches. I really like the way she likes to include all children in the lessons, especially those who are not ready or not in the right mood for the lessons. She is able to react and respond to the needs of the children at different and difficult situations. Most importantly, her sincerity in her teaching really touches both children and parents.”

Lee Sin Chieh mother of Natalie Ng

“Teacher Jane and Our Music Studio has been most responsive to parent feedback. Freya has learnt and develop a lot in her past year here. Jane’s rapport with the children has been fantastic.”

Felicia Lim-Ng mother of Freya Kylie Lim

“The class is far and away more fun, energetic and musical than Kindermusik. We are both enjoying these new classes. Really like the use of instruments, less carrying and variety in music.”

Julie mother of Harrison

“We enrolled Ashera to Our Music Studio hoping that she will learn to be more sociable and have a head start in learning music. We can tell that she is more sociable than before and responsive to the music being played.”

Anita Yong mother of Ashera Koh

“I would like to thank Teacher Janice for her excellent and outstanding approach with the kids and making the class so much fun for all including parents. Each class Raima has attended has always been full of excitement and truly entertaining. Teacher Janice has a special gift that makes all the kids especially Raima to want to come to class every week. Raima never like to miss her class with Teacher Janice and always look forward to Thursday mornings.”

Vimi Bhabdari mother of Raima

“Ms Huzzy has been an inspiration to both my boys. She is exceptionally patient when dealing with the children. I love the way she gently leads them back when they “strayed” to do their own stuff during class. I also love her creativity in turning almost everything into a chance for exploration. Its been a wonderful learning experience for both mother and children in her class. We love, love, love her!”

Prisca See mother of Lain and Eoin

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