Young Musicians

Music Classes For Kids

Our integrated learning approach emphasizes the process rather than the product.

It sets the tone for a more disciplined music-learning journey. It also lays the foundation for 4 -7 year olds to appreciate the arts & to help them prepare for formal musical pursuits, be they instrumental, vocal or dance.

Instruments like the glockenspiel, xylophone & the ukulele are explored.

About our class:


Your child’s safety is our main priority. As such, some adjustments have been made for our classes due to the current regulations, in addition to our regular practices.


- Mandatory temperature screenings for all students, parents and visitors at our centre.

- A max of 8 pairs of parent and child per class.

- Each pair of parent and child will be seated in an allocated space, 1 metre apart from the other pair    of parent and child.

- There will be no partnering activities involved. Eg. No sharing of instruments or holding hands.

- Each child will be provided with a set of percussion instruments to be used throughout the lesson.

- Accompanying adult to wear socks in the studio.

- All instruments are cleaned with Milton Sterilising Fluid after each class.

- The studios and waiting area are sprayed with Milton Disinfectant Spray at end of each class.

No, she/he is not too young to start.

She/he can join the Young Musical Babes Class. Babies’ neural connections develop rapidly in their first year.

With a million neural connections being produced each second, baby brains change rapidly. There’s a big difference between the first two months of life and the span from 18 to 24 months.

The earlier your baby is introduced to music, he/she will have a better head start.

Develop a keen sense of listening.

- Gain exposure to a wide repertoire of music genres.

- Express the learnt skills through body movement (dance, body percussions), instrument play and exploration, vocalisation (singing, chanting) and ensemble play.

- Improvise and create their own rhymes or poetry with the music they have learnt.