Children are special to us. Each of them is unique and they have their interests and temperaments.

Learn Your Child’s Love Language

In Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, couples learn to speak their partner’s love language. There are 5 main categories namely Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time and Gifts.

We all “feel” love differently. When you can determine how best to “give” that love to your partner so they will truly feel it, your effort is receive positively.  This same concept can be adapted with your children.

Maybe you are a parent who enjoys buying gifts such as toys and books for your children thinking that since you enjoy it and they must enjoy it and know how much you love them.  However if you child’s main love language is quality time, they are not getting the same result out of that action that you may be intending, thus you are missing that big connection of relating your love to that child.


With music, there will be singing and jamming opportunities together with your toddler with the use of simple percussion instruments. He will be engaged in rhymes, songs, dance and making animal sounds. He can also bounce around and be tickled by his family members.

Date Your Kids

Do you know dates with your children are just as important as date nights for couples? Spending time together as a family is wonderful. However if you are able to spend time alone with each of them on an occasional basis, you will learn much about your children.

Find out what your child likes to do. Then allocate the time once a month to enjoy that activity with your child.  Make sure to write it on your calendar just like you would with any other important appointment. Let your child know so that they too can look forward to that time too.

Spending regular one on one time will increase communication with your child. This will also help them feel valuable and special.

Be Spontaneous

Plan your daily routine so that there are some opportunities for you to have relaxed, unhurried, unstructured time together every day. Many of us today are rushing from one activity to the next. We hardly and have any time or space in our day to be spontaneous, so be intentional in making that happen. Have some fun activities in mind that you can surprise your family with.

Establish a Special Name

Create a special name for your child that is positive and special that you can use between each other. You can even come up with a special code word or sign that only you two understand. Use the name as a simple reinforcement of your love.

Create Space in your Calendar

No matter how busy you are, spend time with the children. Be there for your child’s events such as rugby/ football games, music/ballet examinations, sports competitions, concerts and graduation ceremony to name a few. These events matter to the child and your presence has a significant impact in his life.